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Kirman / Iran 4.08 x 3.05

Certificate - genuine handwoven Persian carpet Kirman - fine weaving - top condition - high value - organically cleaned Altro

Millefleurs Kirman 450 x 330 cm

Soft wool of high quality - Signed by the workshop - Imperial pattern - Exceptional collection carpet - Shipped with its authenticity certificate Altro

Kerman - 398 x 300 cm - Iran

"Showroom run - Oversized Persian rug in beautiful condition" - including certificate - 2nd half previous century - approx. 250,000 knots per m² - Hand-knotted Altro

Kerman Lavar, Iran, 434 cm X 330 cm

Very beautiful over size Kerman lavar. Soft shiny wool, vegtable dyes, in very good condition, natural dyes, abrash, the pile is high and same level but the fringes are in some part short, very clean ready to use. 300,000 knots per m². with certificate. Altro

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