Antique Japanese samurai weapon "Kusarigama", Edo period

Antique Japanese samurai weapon "Kusarigama", Edo period
In very good condition

Authentic Japanese samurai weapon "kusarigama" from the Edo period. The kusarigama "Chain scythe is a traditional Japanese weapon, consisting of a "Kama", the Japanese equivalent of a scythe with a metal chain ("Kusari"), with a heavy iron weight ("Fundo") at the end of the chain. The "kusarigama" was developed during the Muromachi period (1336 - 1573). The art of handling the kusaigama is called "kusarigamajutsu".
Total length: 32 cm.
Blade length: 9 cm.
Chain length: 155 cm.
This museum piece is in very good antique condition.

Will be sent by registered and insured mail.
Bidders from outside the EU: Please check the customs laws and regulations of your country in regard to importing a Japanese sword.
I try to describe the item's condition as well as possible, including possible flaws.
I post a lot of photos of the item, please study them well.
REMINDER: items, among which swords, cannot be returned nor exchanged.
Good luck!

It is illegal to sell weapons to people under the age of 18. You are responsible yourself for complying with the law and you have to check yourself if you can buy, sell or own these.

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