Oggetti rituale (7) - Legno, Ottone, metallo - India, Tibet, Nepal - XIX e XX secolo

Oggetti rituale (7) - Legno, Ottone, metallo - India, Tibet, Nepal - XIX e XX secolo
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Seven Tibetan and Indian Buddhist objects.

- Indian brass betelnut box with pierced lattice open worked and embossed decoration.
Height: 16 cm, length: 16 cm, width: 13 cm, weight: 1213 gram

- Two Tibetan Tingsha or cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. The cymbals are joined together by a silver chain.
Diameter: 7 cm.

-Tibetan brass ritual spoon used for fire offering.
Length: 41 cm, width: 9 cm

- Zanpar, wooden stick with intricately carved images of esoteric ritual objects, demonic spirits and protectors.
Tsampa (barley meal and yak butter dough) was pressed into the appropriate images to produce ritual sacrificial offerings, for good fortune and
protection from malevolent spirits that often create disorder.
Length: 34 cm, width: 4,5 cm, depth: 3 cm

-Two polychrome painted wooden ornaments. Each ornament consist of a winged figure. One is a female figure the other is a male figure. There is a chain for holding or hanging it.
Height: 30 cm, width: 5 cm, depth 4 cm.

-Wooden ornament with the head of Ganesha ( elephant).
Length: 23, depth: 9 cm, width 4 cm.
There are some damages.

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Dettagli lotto
Numero complessivo di oggetti
Oggetti rituale
Legno, metallo, Ottone
XIX e XX secolo
Regione/paese d'origine
India, Tibet, Nepal
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
16×16×13 cm
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