Ucraina - Truppe d’élite - souvenir, statuetta

Ucraina - Truppe d’élite - souvenir, statuetta
Originale - Bronzo, Metallo, Ottone, glas, plastik - Buone condizioni

Vintage, collectible Military ,Rare, Bronze Tank T- 62, troops of the USSR

The Soviet T-62 medium tank, adopted in 1961, became the final link in the long line of "medium tanks", which began with the legendary


, and then continued in the T-54 and T-55. The T-62 tank, like its predecessors, had impressive performance characteristics that allowed it to adequately withstand the best examples of Western tank building, including opponents from a heavier class.

The main goal of the T-62, for the sake of which it was quickly created and produced, is to confront the tanks of NATO countries. Therefore, pretty soon for the Soviet traditions of secrecy it was shown publicly. For the first time this happened at the May Day parade of 1965. After only a few years, the T-62 tank began to be actively supplied by the Soviet Union to friendly countries around the world.

The size is long from an ear to a gun 400 millimeters

Size is long body 280 millimeters

Size tank width 140 millimeters

Weight is about 2,900 grams

sale from own collection

An original gift for men is a brass model T-562 gift model on a stand. Perfect as a gift to the military.

The model was made in 1977 by order of the Guard Colonel Abramov Nikolai Ivanovich from the team of military unit 07048 in a single copy. The scaled model of the tank is made of brass. The truck is made of metal. It is mounted on a plexiglass stand. The model of the tank, poles and chain guard, made of brass.


Original souvenir of interest

In used condition, but still in good exterior condition for it's years. For a full impression - please see the photos

for this product, individual packaging will be made, which will consist of several components, such as very thick cardboard, BOX, polystyrene , film - a ball and much more
this will be done in order to maximize protection during transport to your country
In total, including packaging and goods, can be up to 7 kg
Shipping from Ukraine can be up to 15 - 45 days

I guarantee that after the auction ends , the item will be shipped within 1-2 working days

Dettagli lotto
souvenir, statuetta
Paese d’origine
Reparto dell’esercito
Truppe d’élite
Bronzo, glas, plastik, Metallo, Ottone
Buone condizioni
Originale/ Replica
80×140×400 mm
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