Joseph Beuys - Jeder Baum hat seinen Preis

Joseph Beuys - Jeder Baum hat seinen Preis
Firmato a mano - Edizione 7000 rovere FIU Kassel 1982-87

Joseph Beuys: “Jeder Baum hat seinen Preis”.

Rare postcard no. 1f refers to the Beuys action: 7000 oaks to be planted for documenta VII in Kassel
Signed by hand with red marker.
Black wooden frames with white or black bevel cut mat (please give when buying)
Editor: FIU Free Intern. University, Büro 7000 Eichen

Beuys and his friend Staeck introduced whole sets of postcards.
By signing them, the multiple becomes unique. "Auch wenn ich meinen Namen schreibe, zeichne ich (Even though I'm writing my name, I'm drawing)", Beuys has said about the creative aspect of signing. The signature shifts the mass character of a multiple towards the original: the mass-produced goods become unique.

The cards are traded individually, the sale was used to finance the documenta VII Action 7000 Oaks 1982.
The cards are sold individually, the Munich Pinakothek has a whole collection of Beuys postcards. With proof of provenance.

Provenance: Hamburger Sammler
Insured shipping only.
Please be aware, that for technical reasons, there may be differences in colour between the photos and the original.

Dettagli lotto
Joseph Beuys
Titolo dell’opera
Jeder Baum hat seinen Preis
Firmato a mano
Edizione 7000 rovere FIU Kassel 1982-87
Dimensioni totali
35×45×3 cm
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