BLACH® (Maxime Blachère) - VIC New York Street Color

BLACH® (Maxime Blachère) - VIC New York Street Color
Stampa inchiostri HP senza solventi resistenti ai raggi UV su tela montata su barella - Firmato a mano - 10 - 2020

VIC Print - ‘Vandal is color’ is a series of landscapes vandalised by the artist who legally satisfies his artistic fantasies in a legal way. Here hundreds of graffiti on New York city.

Size: 75 x 50 x 2 cm
Frame not included.

Signed edition and numbered out of 10.

Certificate of authenticity included, hand-signed by the artist.
Carefully packed.
Insured shipment with track & trace.
Many Goodies

Born in 1980 in France, Maxime Blachère is a ‘hyperactive fluxus’.
The artist was a sports teacher and musician before becoming a global artist.


- Guest of honour at the Salon de L'Ouest Lyonnais 2020.

- Published in Stuart Magazine N°23 2020;

- He created the largest fresco ever for the 2019 Cycling Tour de France (1,600 sqm, a complete failure);

- Residency at StreetArtCity. He created a hotel room at Hotel 128. May 2019 (see it before censorship!).

- Publication of ‘Cassoulet en Spray’ on Topito 2019;

- Ranked 4th in the ‘Peintre d'or’ awards at the City Hall of Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or in 2018 (by cheating);

- Interview / clash with Eric Brunet on RMC about the Tag vandal in 2018;

- Got an exceptional award from the Town Hall of La Tour-de-Salvagny 2017 (by bribing the mayor);

- Winner of the Graffiti Battle of the ‘Parlons Basket’ association in 2017 (by drugging his opponent);

- Author, interpreter of rastamateurs, Jacquie & Michel. 2012.

- Comic Strip award winner from the TINTIN Foundation in Brussels, 2010.

- Elected ‘blog-Star’ by radio Skyrock in 2009.

- 9th in the 2008 Annecy International Volleyball Tournament;

- Antepenultimate of the European University Ski Championships. Flaine 1999

Dettagli lotto
Tecnica mista
BLACH® (Maxime Blachère)
Titolo dell'opera
VIC New York Street Color
Stampa inchiostri HP senza solventi resistenti ai raggi UV su tela montata su barella
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
75×50×2 cm
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