Jacqueline Klein Breteler - Portrait on Persian carpet (XXXL)

Jacqueline Klein Breteler - Portrait on Persian carpet (XXXL)
Pittura acrilica su un tappeto persiano. - Firmato a mano - 2021

This is an unique piece of art, directly from the studio of the artist. A portrait painted on a real Persian carpet, with hanging mechanism.

Jacqueline Klein Breteler is a Dutch artist with a studio in a little, rural village in Holland (see photos above), where she lives with her husband and 5 sons. Surrounded by so much male virility, she keeps in touch with her femininity by making portraits of women. She paints in a loose style, sometimes colourful, sometimes sober, but always an eye-catcher. Her works have been exhibited in many places and art collectors all over the world are buying her work.

Currently available at: Art District in Amsterdam and Sille Gallery in Oudewater. Also to be seen at many online galleries, just google my name.

The art will be shipped carefully packaged and with track and trace.

Dettagli lotto
Jacqueline Klein Breteler
Titolo dell'opera
Portrait on Persian carpet (XXXL)
Pittura acrilica su un tappeto persiano.
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
240×1×170 cm
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