Hank China - Les tournesols bleus 80 x 80

Hank China - Les tournesols bleus 80 x 80
Acrilico su tela - Firmato a mano - Opera unica e originale - 2020

Canvas on 80 x 80 stretcher
Acrylic on canvas.
Original work, hand signed on canvas on the back
(This size is sold €1,600.- in gallery)

Certificate of authenticity included.

Greg a.k.a Hank China is a French artist born in 1969.

The artist began his artistic career at an early age, but this dazzling beginning led to a loss of inspiration that forced him to give up painting for more than ten years. In 2012 the artist lost his best friend, his bull terrier, which triggered a new phase of creation. Hank China takes the opposite step of this tragic event and decides to become the spokesperson of joy! However this time, he turned to street art.

Hank China stages fantastic figures in a chaotic and colourful setting. HIs beings are warm and full of joie de vivre. Their appearance is constantly renewed thanks to an infinite set of colours and shapes. A pop, multicoloured, fun and stunning universe leads the viewer on the path to happiness and unconditional laughter.

Dettagli lotto
Hank China
Titolo dell'opera
Les tournesols bleus 80 x 80
Acrilico su tela
Firmato a mano
Opera unica e originale
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
80×80×4 cm
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