Ronan Martin - Spiaggia Di Berchida Al tramonto

Ronan Martin - Spiaggia Di Berchida Al tramonto
Resina e pigmenti - Firmato a mano

Ronan Martin is a contemporary French artist internationally recognized and famous for his rich textures and colourful chromaticism. Actor of the minimalist movement he works in a bare style his paintings and his sculptures.
Apostle of the quotation « less is more », he is registered in the Bauhaus process.
His works are part of a reflection and a cultural process combining simplicity and universality.
The paramount importance of the titles of his works, which are the verbal signifier, the syntax, create a fusional link with his works, the visual signified, the semantics.
More than a mere medium his paintings have become a language.
He develops his themes and conducts his research on subjects which are dear to him such as environmental issues, the depletion of our planet, the extinction of certain species…
Since the 2010s Ronan is a famous signature in contemporary art and stands as a major artist of his generation. Present in over 30 countries around the world and represented in important private, public and institutional collections, he is a listed international artist recognized by his peers.
In March 2021 he was classified as the 35th most famous French painters on I-CAC TOP50, the first one being Pierre Soulages.
Today is an unmissable opportunity to become the owner of a dazzling to fame masterpiece.
Rated to 2690 € by I-CAC and Akoun for this size.
Symbolic reserve price. Bid in confidence.

Dettagli lotto
Ronan Martin
Titolo dell'opera
Spiaggia Di Berchida Al tramonto
Resina e pigmenti
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
55×2×46 cm
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