Rouzbeh Tahmassian - Vanished (XL)

Rouzbeh Tahmassian - Vanished (XL)
Acrilico su pannello, Olio su pannello, Tecnica mista, Foto - Firmato a mano, Firmato su lastra - Originale, opera d'arte sullo scaffale - 2021

Very unique, original, work of art, directly from the artist's studio.

Mixed media (based on own photographs) on an old and very heavy cabinet shelf. Oil paint has been applied with a special finger paint technique (applied only with fingers). The resin is burned on it with his own developed technique.

Materials used include: old wooden cabinet shelf, cement, filler, coffee, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour paint, damar resin, beeswax and varnish.

The top layer of the artwork consists of a special layer of varnish, which protects it from dust and UV-light. The work has been signed by the artist, on the back. Will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity. The work of art will be carefully and professionally packed for insured shipping. Shipment can be followed to your doorstep with the track & trace code.

Rouzbeh Tahmassian, a versatile visual artist from Rotterdam. His work is sold and exhibited worldwide. The unique combination of techniques and materials and expressive images make his work very popular. There are no reproductions, all works are original and each one is unique.

With a strong presence and success on leading online platforms and galleries, the demand for his work has been growing enormously in recent years. His work is mysterious and stimulates the imagination of the viewer. His art is constantly in motion and is limited not only to figurative, but also abstract, portraiture and sculptures belong to his oeuvre.

As the artist himself describes: I use many different materials such as paint, (bees)wax, red chalk, gold and silver, cotton and several kinds of resin. The framework is put down at the start, but the creative process only starts after the first stroke. In this I let my feelings guide me. There are no limits to what I can do. I'm always looking for a new effect, a new image, in search of the unknown. I feel like there's always more to discover."

Dettagli lotto
Rouzbeh Tahmassian
Titolo dell'opera
Vanished (XL)
Acrilico su pannello, Foto, Olio su pannello, Tecnica mista
Firmato a mano, Firmato su lastra
Originale, opera d'arte sullo scaffale
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
127×3.5×44 cm
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