AKORE - 'Afro Girl with a Jewel Earring' (Hommage to Vermeer)

AKORE - 'Afro Girl with a Jewel Earring' (Hommage to Vermeer)
Tecnica mista su tela (stencil, acrilico, vernice spray). - Firmato a mano - 2021

Original Painting by AKORE.
Signed by the artist and with a certificate of authenticity.
Estimated value: 975 euros.

Akore is considered one of the most active and recognised urban artists
currently in Barcelona. He has participated in numerous solo exhibitions and
collective ones, international events and projects.
His artwork has been published in National Geographic, Greenpeace, MTV, El Periódico de
Catalunya, La Vanguardia, among other publications, and has co-starred in the
'This is Art' (TV3 / Movistar+) art series, which is screened in more than
50 countries around the world.
He is known in the urban art scene for his colourful, powerful and expressive
Afro graffiti. Its unique style is based around post-graffiti and has been defined as
primitive, tribal, abstract, hip funk, electroafropunk, and has been called "Afrocolor".
Her portraits and paintings of African tribal women echo the soul of mother
Africa, with whom he has always felt spiritually connected.
His work is clearly influenced by urban culture, Hip Hop,
African-American movements and culture, by African aesthetics, Street Art, Pop
Art and graphic design.

Akore is part of the same street art movement that:

Kaws / Os Gemeos / Shepard Fairey "Obey Giant" / Felipe Pantone / DZIA / Dan 23 / Cranio / Keith Haring / Basquiat / Mr Brainwash / BANKSY / Space Invader Kit / JR / COPE2 / C215 / Pichiavo / Futura2000 / Vhils / Alice Pasquine / Borondo /  Bom-K / Koons /D*Face / Saner / Tristan Eaton, among others.

Dettagli lotto
Tecnica mista
Titolo dell'opera
'Afro Girl with a Jewel Earring' (Hommage to Vermeer)
Tecnica mista su tela (stencil, acrilico, vernice spray).
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
50×1.5×40 cm
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