Cisco (Art2cisco) - THEUDRIC Hermes - 2/10

Cisco (Art2cisco) - THEUDRIC Hermes - 2/10
Tecnica mista - Firmato a mano - 10 (numerati e limitati a 10 copie). - 2021

Hermès on a collectible FF500.- banknote, named a Pascal.
Limited edition of 10 copies, all unique because entirely handmade and hand-painted.

In 1821, Thierry Hermès moved to Normandy, where he made an internship with a saddler-harness craftsman. Settled in Paris, he founded the Hermès company in 1837, which was originally only a harness and saddle factory. The first name Thierry comes from the German name Theudric with theud- which means "people" and “ric” which is translated as "powerful". Thierry therefore means "governor of the people" or "the master people."


• First edition of 10 copies - No.02/10 on sale.
• Banknote reference: Year 1980
• Banknote set on paper with Blu Tack
• Wooden frame with glass (glass removed to photograph the work and avoid reflections in photos)
• Certificate of authenticity included.
• Careful and secure shipping with tracking in Europe


Cisco, artist draughtsman on banknotes and statues in the Street Art / Pop Art, I took the pencils in early 2019 by creating the company "Art2cisco". 

The nostalgia of the Franc led me in this artistic approach. Unique artworks in limited editions of 30 copies, my paintings travel the regions of France and Europe. They were able to reach Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Canada and Florida. More recently, one of my works has settled in the city of Dubai and has not let the buyer indifferent... 

Along the way, my works are exhibited in several art galleries. You can find them in Tours, Saint-Raphael, Saint-Tropez and in Morocco in Casablanca. I am now listed and got an official certificate of artistic rating made by an expert accredited at Akoun, the world leader in the art market.

“A BIG thank, My works leave no one indifferent. It's a huge compliment to me!" This happens thanks to you.”

Dettagli lotto
Cisco (Art2cisco)
Titolo dell'opera
THEUDRIC Hermes - 2/10
Tecnica mista
Firmato a mano
10 (numerati e limitati a 10 copie).
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
43×33×2 cm
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