Georges Dumas - Corridor 54 (in collaboration with Basto)

Georges Dumas - Corridor 54 (in collaboration with Basto)
Acrilico su tela, Paintography - Firmato a mano, Monogramma - 2014

"Corridor 54" belongs to a series of 169 photographs of the same model photographed from a corridor. All these pictures form a huge puzzle whose every piece is sold at exhibitions or on the Internet. It is a huge work of which no one is the exclusive owner, a work shared by several collectors.

About forty pieces of the puzzle have already been sold, there are still about 50 pieces already made, the rest being integrated into larger paintings (see photos). These small paintings are therefore perfect pieces for collectors, it is interesting to combine them.

"Corridor 54" is made in mixed technique on canvas. It combines photography and acrylic painting, with a dozen layers of glaze and raised squares that bring vibrancy to the surface of the canvas, which is glossy. It is a unique piece, signed on the back, certificate of authenticity included.

For this painting, the urban artist Basto (see photo) intervened on the canvas to enhance it by hand with felt pens.

Dettagli lotto
Georges Dumas
Titolo dell'opera
Corridor 54 (in collaboration with Basto)
Acrilico su tela, Paintography
Firmato a mano, Monogramma
Dimensioni totali
30×2×20 cm
0.8 kg
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