Robert Savary (1920-2000) - Le bar des Assassins à Rouen

Robert Savary (1920-2000) - Le bar des Assassins à Rouen
Guazzo - Firmato a mano

Robert SAVARY (1920-2000)

“Le bar des Assassins à Rouen”

Gouache on cardstock.
50 x 65 cm
Signed at the bottom and at the back
Some minor wet patches (visible in the photos).

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Robert SAVARY (1920-2000) is a painter and figurative engraver, he was part of the "Young Painting", still called the "Young Painters" of the New School of Paris or "Young Painting of the School of Paris". A student of Maurice Brianchon at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he won the Prix de la Casa de Velquez in 1948. He is part of the 19th artistic promotion, in the company of: Edmond Cabrol Gonella painter, Marcel Gili sculptor, Josefina Miralles Guas, stockbroker sculptor of the city of Valencia, Séverin de Rigné painter-engraver, and Queen Gianoli musician. In 1950, he went up to the dressing room to compete in the Prix de Rome and won tied with Françoise Boudet ahead of the favourite Geoffroy Dauvergne. It was during these years that he met Paul, a restaurateur in Rouen whose cuisine he enjoyed. He later taught at the Fine Arts of this city and counted among his students: Mlle Dominique Breton, Martine Sarrazin, Adeline Chabert-Boué, Sylvain Lecoq. He is also, Honorary Director of The Fine Arts of Rouen, Painter of the Navy in 1987. There he met Jean le Merdy, Jean-Pierre Alaux, J.-J. Morvan, M. Bez, Michel Jouenne, Philip Plisson, Paul Ambille. He also counts among his close friends: René Aberlenc, Paul Collomb, Paul Guiramand. For more than forty years, he was part of the group of exhibitors invited by Maurice Boitel at the “Comparaisons” Salon in Paris.

Dettagli lotto
Robert Savary (1920-2000)
Titolo dell'opera
Le bar des Assassins à Rouen
Firmato a mano
Oeuvre unique
Discrete condizioni
Dimensioni totali
50×65×0 cm
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