Igor Barkhatkov (1958) - Zonnige tuin in de zomer

Igor Barkhatkov (1958) - Zonnige tuin in de zomer
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano - 1997

Offered: a beautiful work by Igor Barkhatkov (1958) ‘Zonnige tuin in de zomer’.
Oil on canvas - signed and dated 1997. The canvas and the frame are in good condition.
Igor Barkhatkov is one of the leading realists in Belarus. He was born in Minsk in 1958 and currently lives with his wife Elena Barkhatkova, also a painter, in Khoruzhi, a small rural village in Minsk. As grand master of naturalistic painting, he uses his national studies as a source of inspiration.
Naturalistic Realism.
Igor Barkhatkov’s talent was common in his family. As the son of the great painter Anton Barkhatkov, his paternal influence has great significance for his painting, from which he disappears through the development of a personal style and a technique. Inspired by the great masters of Russian landscape painting, Zhukovski, Bjalynitsky-Birulya and Korin, his work is a philosophical and divine expression of nature and landscape. Pathos and passion come strongly from his paintings, in which nature is free of man and civilization. He goes beyond the simple appearance of his work and dives into strong Symbolism. His work is an accurate and naturalistic representation of his own reality.
The search for spirituality
Igor Barkatkov’s paintings are characterised by a meticulous and almost divine depiction of nature. By conveying his emotions onto the canvas, he uses light and saturated pure colours to manifest a desire for spirituality and purity. This spirituality is achieved by the presentation of light-hearted and transparent figures, arranged horizontally, and a technique based on sketches and the tireless study and research of his work, with which he completes his inner dialogue with nature.
A Belarusian master.
Igor Barkhatkov’s career is marked by national and international success. He is considered one of the leading artists of Belarusian Realism and is exhibited in galleries, museums and collections such as the museum of contemporary art and the national art museum of Belarus.
Will be sent by UPS by insured mail.
Dimensions without the frame: Height: 47 cm, length: 65 cm.

Dettagli lotto
Igor Barkhatkov (1958)
Titolo dell'opera
Zonnige tuin in de zomer
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
2 kg
Dimensioni totali
64.5×4×83 cm
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