Fluorite verde Sfera - 100×100×100 mm - 1638 g

Fluorite verde Sfera - 100×100×100 mm - 1638 g
Minas Gerais, Brasile

Unique and attractive heavy healing sphere hand carved by expert craftsmen from natural Brazilian green fluorite mineral. The shine and glow of this natural stone is amazing when placed under light.

Green fluorite is used to cure infections and fight stomach and intestinal problems. In ancient times, it used to be used to treat kidney stones and headaches.
From the spiritual point of view, it clears information from the unconscious, intensifies feelings and increases the reaction capacity and mental speed of the individual.

Placing pieces or pieces of green fluorite near electronic equipment protects us from the electromagnetic emissions emitted by televisions or computers.

Due to its property as an "organizer of the mind", it is said to have the ability to protect the individual against external influences, so that it can provide a "shield" for the mind to concentrate and coordinate activities.

Green fluorite is believed to help overcome emotional trauma, release excess energy, and cleanse negative energies. The green colour transmits harmony and peace and neutralizes moods.

For healing, it is applied to the solar plexus to calm anguish, dispel emotional blockage and act on the spleen and heart chakra. It is used to balance the well-being of the body and alleviate respiratory system conditions, such as dry coughs and colds; recover dead cells and remedy pain.

Surrounding yourself with green fluorite allows you to reach a better state of meditation and achieve faster learning processes, as well as expanding the mind to carry out extrasensory rituals.

Weight: 1638 g
Size: 100 x 100 mm
Circumference: 33 cm
Colour: Green

Excellent state of preservation.

A holder is sent as a gift and it is perfectly packaged.

Registered international shipping with track and trace.

It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties. Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes which have no scientific evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Fluorite verde
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
100×100×100 mm
1638 g
Provenienza (regione/città)
Minas Gerais
Provenienza (paese)
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