Wxyz (1980) - Marqueterie Typographique 5

Wxyz (1980) - Marqueterie Typographique 5
Intarsio - Firmato a mano - 2021

“Marqueterie typographique-5”
This artwork is a Boulle marquetry, it is composed of 78 pieces of hand-cut wood. (The Boulle Marquetry is named after André-Charles Boulle, Louis XIV's marquetry specialist).
Wxyz was trained as a marquetry specialist at the Boulle School in Paris (École supérieure des arts appliqués).
Today, he uses his traditional know-how in connection with his passions: graffiti and work on texts.

Wxyz was born in Paris in 1980, he grew up and still works today in eastern Paris.
He owes his artistic awakening to the observation, from a young age, of wall inscriptions. Since 1996, he has painted many walls, mainly in Paris area.
Since then, he enjoys transforming letters and looking for new ways to draw Wxyz with ‘all the colours of the alphabet’ as he enjoys telling the children.

In his works, the letter is more than a pseudonym, it serves as a pretext for the exploration of colours and shapes, as a skeleton to abstraction.
Wxyz took part in numerous collective exhibitions and had 2 solos exhibitions in Paris in 2015 and 2020.
His last group exhibition took place in September 2020 at Ground Effect at the invitation of the VAO collective.

Dettagli lotto
Tecnica mista
Wxyz (1980)
Titolo dell'opera
Marqueterie Typographique 5
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
30×60×5 cm
3 kg
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