Scultura policroma "Maria calpesta il serpente" - Luigi XV - Legno - XVIII secolo

Scultura policroma "Maria calpesta il serpente" - Luigi XV - Legno - XVIII secolo
Sud Europa

Polychrome carved sculpture of the Virgin Mary trampling the snake under her feet.

This sculpture was made in southern Europe around the beginning of the 18th century.
Original polychrome.

She looks on affably with arms crossed and hands on her chest. She is wearing a blue dress with a gold-plated collar. Underneath, a red robe visible by her arms and lower legs.
Beautifully cut pleats and particularly serene and affable look in her face.
Under her feet, she tramples the snake that has an apple and leaf in its mouth.

Special with this sculpture is the detailed and refined cut hair dress at the back.

Normal signs of wear. Traces of inactive woodworm. Two drought cracks at the front of the doily, not disturbing.

Please take a close look at the extensive photo gallery that captures all aspects of this sculpture to give you a good impression of this beautiful work of art.

The lot will be packaged with great care in eco-friendly materials prior to insured shipment with tracking.

Dettagli lotto
Scultura policroma "Maria calpesta il serpente"
Luigi XV
Periodo stimato
XVIII secolo
Paese d’origine
Sud Europa
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
68.5×21×17 cm
3.5 kg
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