B&O - Beogram 1900, Beovintage gereviseerd, nieuwe snaar! - Piatto

B&O - Beogram 1900, Beovintage gereviseerd, nieuwe snaar! - Piatto
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This Beogram 1900 was manufactured in 1976, and this player will have to be overhauled at the age of 45, tested and working is therefore not a selling point!
I work just like Wheeler Dealers, what you buy works, but then it starts!

The 1900, its predecessor the Beogram 1100 and its 4-channel brother, the Beogram 3400, are known for being indestructible and of excellent quality. Jacob Jensen is the designer!
The bearings have been cleaned / polished and all moving parts cleaned and, where necessary, sparingly lubricated. Intact dust covers are getting rarer, but I have been able to find a beautiful original dust cover for this player again. Nicely polished, see last picture. Of course a new string, and this one is perfect Danish import! Nice and freshly white panels all around.
Includes the world famous MMC 4000 element with an elliptical naked diamond needle tip.

Let me introduce myself, Beovintage is my working name on Catawiki.
I am a former B&O dealer and have been working on B&O for 55 years, since 5 years
especially on record players. Thanks to my expertise and stock of parts.
I am able to offer perfect lots on Catawiki
BEOVINTAGE, internationally recognised as an B&O expert without exaggeration.

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Beogram 1900, Beovintage gereviseerd, nieuwe snaar!
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