Alan Stefanov - Louis Vuitton Pin (Rainbow Edition)

Alan Stefanov - Louis Vuitton Pin (Rainbow Edition)
Tecnica mista - Firmato a mano - 4/10 - 2020

LOUIS VUITTON PIN (RAINBOW EDITION) comes to the exclusive series of bowling pins of the international artist Alan Stefanov, this is the 4/10 edition, the work is made on an American skittle, spray paint, acrylic paint and large white glossy powder of great quality were used for the Louis Vuitton monogram to create the work.

Alan Stefanov is a young European artist born in 1999 who currently resides in Spain.
He is a self-taught artist who began painting at a young age.

His style encompasses the world of Pop Art and Street Art, he paints on different surfaces and uses a wide variety of materials, the one that stands out and characterises Alan's works are crystals, which give his works a unique and exclusive touch.

We can find his works in various galleries around the world and he has also been part of several exhibitions where he has shared space with works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Alec Monopoly...

He has numerous sales around the world, we can find his works in private collections in places such as: Los Ángeles, París, Milán, Hong Kong, Londres, Marbella, Mónaco, Nueva York, Dubai ...

Dettagli lotto
Alan Stefanov
Titolo dell'opera
Louis Vuitton Pin (Rainbow Edition)
Tecnica mista
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
39×14×14 cm
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