Jesco Denzel (1972) - G7 in Charlevoix, Kanada, Juni 2018

Jesco Denzel (1972) - G7 in Charlevoix, Kanada, Juni 2018

Jesco Denzel is the official photographer of the German Federal Government. He has taken the ultimate symbol image of the 2018 G7 summit in Canada. One can only say: A pictures say more than a thousand words.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with US President Donald Trump during the talks on the sidelines of the official agenda. Emmanuel Macron (2nd from left), President of France, Shinzo Abe (4th from right), Prime Minister of Japan, and John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, watch the conversation.

The photo went through the world press and has meanwhile also arrived in a museum context. It belongs, among other things, to the renowned collection of the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf.

Here you can buy one of the very few copies signed by the photographer!

Dettagli lotto
Jesco Denzel (1972)
Titolo dell'opera
G7 in Charlevoix, Kanada, Juni 2018
lieve segno di pressione in alto a destra, praticamente visibile solo dal retro.
Dimensioni dell’immagine
30×45 cm
Dimensioni totali
30×45×0 cm
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