Romero Britto (1963) - Mickey Spotlight on Canvas / 100 edition artist proof

Romero Britto (1963) - Mickey Spotlight on Canvas / 100 edition artist proof
Tecnica mista, acrilico su tela e pennarello stampato - Firmato a mano - Edizione A.P./ 100 - 1990

Romero Britto

Original mixed media (acrylic paint + marker); by hand by Romero Britto.
Signed by hand:
Embellished by hand (several silver hearts - front) ; also hand made glitter on the canvas / print.

There were 2 editions of this Mickey spotlight: the 500 print edition (signed / numbered) and the 100 canvas edition (both with AP edition)

Last list price was $2,400. The print edition; you sometimes see being sold; the canvas edition is very rare.
The original painting was sold at Sothebys for $10,000.

Hand-signed / hand decorated.
A/P edition

I have met Romero Britto at the New York Art expo - for the first time in New York. For me this was the 1st introduction with Romero Britto. Of course I knew pop art (as from Warhol and Haring and Lichtenstein). But I never had the experience with the modern pop art (like from Britto, burton morris, Rizzi and Fazzino) . Like many pop art artists, if they had time - they would make a very nice drawing - in a book or sign a book (he made me some beautiful drawings :-) I bought a lot of Romero Britto from Romero Britto directly ;-) at later moments.

The artwork is in a good condition. It is hand signed (by Romero Britto - with a marker as per the photo). There is a little bit of ageing of the canvas; the canvas always has been stored in a dry/out of the sun place in our home.

Romero Britto used to (not anymore... when he became very famous...) make these kind of drawings. Most of the drawings where made by hand, on paper. This one; unusual; because of the use of acrylic paint/marker combination. I have seen them sell between $1000-1500 and 2500-3500.
I set the minimum price not that high ... :-)

Romero Britto: the king of pop (art). One of the most famous pop art artists of his time. His work is already in a number of museums in North/South America. And of course his art already famous : Go to Disney - and you will find almost all of the Disney characters in Britto Design. He has made a lot of business activities: Absolut Vodka, Coca Cola, Clothing Company, many many more

Will ship safe & secure: very well packed + insured + express shipment by courier

Dettagli lotto
Romero Britto (1963)
Titolo dell'opera
Mickey Spotlight on Canvas / 100 edition artist proof
Tecnica mista, acrilico su tela e pennarello stampato
Firmato a mano
Edizione A.P./ 100
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
69×81×5 cm
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