Leo Pors (1952) - Stilleven met Romeins glas en appel

Leo Pors (1952) - Stilleven met Romeins glas en appel
Olio su pannello - Firmato a mano - 2015

Three Roman glass objects from the 1st-3rd century AD and an apple form the composition of this painting, the size of which is 40 x 50 cm. The apple provides a beautiful complementary colour accent in this painting. The stem of the wooden spoon, the container which is still just visible through the glass, provides extra depth in this still life. Both the panel and the frame are in great condition. The painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a CV, handwritten by the painter.

The realistic still lifes of Leo Pors (Rotterdam, 1952) find their way all over the world. His work is sold by renowned galleries in England, but also Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Germany and other European countries have collectors own his work. His paintings are featured in various company collections. His work has also been bought by private collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA and Australia. In the USA, the collection of the Ende Museum (Pennsylvania) includes several works by this painter.
Photographs of his paintings appeared in the art magazines Tableau and Collect and VIND.

In the June issue of the art magazine VIND, there is a 6-page article and with photographs, about the work of this artist. A painting by the artist is also depicted in Vind 41 (March 2021).

The exhibition "Deceptively real" was recently held in the Gorcums museum, in which, in addition to the work of Ans Markus and Tjalf Sparnaaij, work by this artist was represented.

Dettagli lotto
Leo Pors (1952)
Titolo dell'opera
Stilleven met Romeins glas en appel
Olio su pannello
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
5 kg
Dimensioni totali
4×62×52 cm
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