Tsuba sukashi giapponese - grande guardia katana di ferro - Design Kiku - Stile Bushu Ito - Periodo Edo

Tsuba sukashi giapponese - grande guardia katana di ferro - Design Kiku - Stile Bushu Ito - Periodo Edo
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione - 81×81×5 mm

MARU GATA a rounded TSUBA form for KATANA or WAKIZASHI size, with punch marks and SEKIGANE made in brass inserted in the NANAKO ANA.
This design in YO SUKASHI positive silhouette chiselled in a bold manner, within the square rim, with branches, leaves of flowering KIKU or Japanese chrysanthemum, that shows both the backs and the face, in three dimensional carving, with a circular arrangement and curling to form both HITSU ANA, is expressed with great strength and beauty in a relief carving done in the typical style of the master ITOO MASATSUGU.

The rich brown plate tapering towards the edge is decorated in delicate manner and finely carved within the rim in NIKUBORI. It is pierced in ITOO SUKASHI, with engraved details in KEBORI light hairline incised surface detail, which would indicate his style as well, finely sprinkled with silver droplets, and the two HITSU ANA formed from the design. The detailed carving repeats on the reverse and the plate is smoothly polished.

Period / Origin
Middle EDO period, 18th century

The guard has a subtle surface variation, compact form, stately massiveness, the placement of the SUKASHI work is excellent, and the good quality metal with a moist lustre and a deep purplish patina, give the whole piece a stately, and a solemn quality. The gentlemanly mood of the guard suggests the quintessence of the way of the SAMURAI as understood in the EDO period.
KIKU or chrysanthemum, typify purity, gentility and symbolize longevity. It was reserved to royal and noble families while the design, as a poetic image, describes a lost or distant love.

Material / Size
81 x 81 mm

Basically in decent condition considering the age.
See the detailed photos or email me for more info.

Dettagli lotto
Tsuba sukashi giapponese
grande guardia katana di ferro
Periodo Edo
Regione/ Paese d'origine
Stile Bushu Ito
Design Kiku
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione
81×81×5 mm
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