Tsuba giapponese - Guardia katana sukashi di ferro - Kuruma ni Toro design - Stile Akasaka - Periodo Edo

Tsuba giapponese - Guardia katana sukashi di ferro - Kuruma ni Toro design - Stile Akasaka - Periodo Edo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 70×67×10 mm

MARU GATA a circular TSUBA form for KATANA or WAKIZASHI size with punch marks in the NANAKO ANA.
This design depicted, on either side of the central opening, at the top and bottom of the pattern, to connect the SEPPA DAI and the rounded rim, is called KURUMA NI TORO or the "Praying mantis confronting the dragon cart".
This pattern is a pictorial rendition of a tradition concerning a famous Chinese Taoist philosopher named CHUANG TZU. It probably represents courage or an admonition against reckless valour. The open work is bright, the purplish patina of the metal clear, the engraving sharp and the balance between the two wheels and the praying mantis is excellent.

The plate tapering towards the edge is pierced in delicate manner and finely carved within the rounded rim in YO SUKASHI, positive silhouette, with KEBORI light hairline incised surface details, which would indicate his style as well.
The two HITSU ANA formed from the design, the detailed carving repeats on the reverse and the surface is smoothly polished.


Middle EDO period, 18th century

KAMAKIRI, a praying mantis, is an emblem of courage, because this remarkable insect is very valiant and is incapable of retreat even when the difficulties surpass its power.
This guard is extremely dignified and very carefully executed, the design is placed in a lively fashion, the fine quality of the metal, elegance of the flat surface, give the work a feeling of grandeur and authority. This TSUBA exhibits many unusual characteristics, feel and look are reminiscent of KYO SUKASHI or OWARI works but somehow, because of the refinement of the design, the slightly pointed SEPPAI DAI, the rounded rim, and the elegance of the skillfull open work, for these reasons the guard suggests an influence of the AKASAKA family.

70 x 67 mm

Basically in decent condition considering the age. Slight traces of corrosion here and there.
See the detailed photos or email me for more info.

Dettagli lotto
Tsuba giapponese
Guardia katana sukashi di ferro
Periodo Edo
Regione/ Paese d'origine
Stile Akasaka
Titolo dell'opera
Kuruma ni Toro design
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
70×67×10 mm
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