Wakizashi (1) - Tamahagane - Giappone - Periodo Edo (1600-1868)

Wakizashi (1) - Tamahagane - Giappone - Periodo Edo (1600-1868)
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 0×0×0 cm

This is a WWII Japanese Wakizashi, a high-quality blade made in the Buzei Bizen era. part of a high military and political position during World War II. Among Bizen smiths. Edo period.

Wakizashi: 52 cm
nagasa: 28 cm.
The hamon is gently wavy.
It has a habaki made of copper with stripes on the surface (cat's nails), the skirt projects the family emblem of the time with a relief of a large dragon on both sides of the saya and it has a sageo in its varnished outline, it works and is perfect and of high quality. The knife is sharp and the entire item fits together well. Very beautiful collector's item, in good condition (light scratches and stains)

The koshirae is in aikuchi style and made of heavily tooled cherry wood with large ornamental (mekugi) grain stalks

The photos are part of the description.
Age-related signs of wear.

No shipping to Russia or China.

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Periodo Edo (1600-1868)
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In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
0×0×0 cm
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