Eugène Galien Laloue (1854-1941) - Paysage enneigé

Eugène Galien Laloue (1854-1941) - Paysage enneigé
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano

Eugène Galien-Laloue (1854-1941)
"Paysage enneigé"

Lovely landscape by Eugène Galien Laloue signed with his very rare pseudonym "Lefevre" (his oils are almost always signed with a pseudonym, Dupuy and Galiany being the best known, but also Lievin, Kermainguy, Lenoir, Michel and others very little used, sometimes only a few times like Lefevre, Courtier, Beyne or Garnier).

Eugène Galien Laloue was a prolific painter. While he is best known for his highly sought-after Parisian gouaches, which can sell for several tens of thousands of euros, he also painted many landscapes and seascapes on his many journeys through France.

The snowy landscapes of Galien Laloue are rare and increasingly sought after by collectors because of the unique atmosphere they exude.

Oil on canvas

33 x 41 cm (including frame, some lacks, approximately 53 x 61 cm)

Signed A. Lefevre on the bottom left

Good overall condition, some tiny lacks of paint in the sky on the top left

Pictures taken outside, in natural light

Authenticity guaranteed. With our gallery invoice

We are a gallery specialised in 19th-20th century paintings; we are currently preparing the ‘catalogue raisonné’ of the artist Ferdinand Gueldry

We are very familiar with the work of Eugene Galien Laloue, we sold about 40 of his works in the last 10 years, the last photo shows two seascape paintings of Galien Laloue also signed "A.Lefevre", auctioned on 3rd November 2008.

Please note the identical formats for the three works (both sold and mine) namely 33 x 41 cm as well as the identical and original frames.
Given these elements in common, we can deduce that they were painted during the same short period when Galien Laloue would have used this pseudonym.

We know of at least 4 other oils of Galien Laloue signed "Lefevre", which we have in our archives, we can therefore guarantee 100% the authenticity of the painting for sale.

Shipped worldwide in a secure parcel (thick cardboard, bubble wrap, tape completely covering the outer parcel...)!

Dettagli lotto
Eugène Galien Laloue (1854-1941)
Titolo dell'opera
Paysage enneigé
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
53×61×6 cm
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