Yoroi - Ghisa, Seta - Japans Samurai Armor Atagi Clan Mon - Giappone - Inizio XX secolo

Yoroi - Ghisa, Seta - Japans Samurai Armor Atagi Clan Mon - Giappone - Inizio XX secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 170×50×170 cm

Japanese Samurai armour Atagi Clan Mon, a beautiful yoroi, the details are really beautiful and authentic, an armour to cherish.
This yoroi has a phenomenal and very powerful appearance.
This yoroi has a truly beautiful colour, a beautiful deep black with a gold colour clan mon on the chest and back.
Truly a wonderful armour, as you would like them to be, and very solid.
If you've ever thought about getting one, this is definitely an opportunity.

The details are authentic and original, the used materials are of high quality.
The armour is from Fudai, Japan, where it has been for decades, it is rare that one parts with one of these.
This Japanese samurai armour Atagi Clan Mon was worn on a few occasions, which leaves some signs of wear, as it is supposed to, in my opinion.
There are a few small restorations and some light rust, but its general condition is fine. In Japan, the Samurai are commemorated annually, many people and temples often keep such armour for generations. The colours of this armor are really traditional, deep black/orange with gold colour, clan mon on the Do, finished with leather, metal and silk. The kabuto has wonderful details and is very solid, and really makes the difference. It is ideally suited for your home, Dojo or company.
And for the enthusiast, this yoroi can also be worn, it is very sturdy.
Perhaps this Japanese samurai yoroi armour will be your next acquisition. After all, it symbolises courage and protection! Naturally, it comes complete with stand and wooden weapon chest in original condition.
Early Showa period yoroi.

Height 170 cm.
Complete weight 19 kg.

Dettagli lotto
Ghisa, Seta
Inizio XX secolo
Regione/ Paese d'origine
Titolo dell'opera
Japans Samurai Armor Atagi Clan Mon
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
170×50×170 cm
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