Cabochon birmano in ambra - con rari Mantisipidi - Mantis Fly - -

Cabochon birmano in ambra - con rari Mantisipidi - Mantis Fly - -

Locality: Myanmar (Burma)
Strata Layer: Cretaceous.

Amber is fossilized tree resin that when polished has gemstone qualities. The preservation of insects, plants, and other inclusions is unparalleled in the fossil record, resulting in an incredible glimpse into past ecosystems.

Please be sure to carefully review all photos. Do not overestimate the size of the piece or inclusions. We include a photo next to a ruler and in the hand to help estimate size. Most inclusions in amber will be small, as larger insects tended to free themselves.

***Please Note*** Any import fees are out of our control and the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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Cabochon birmano in ambra
con rari Mantisipidi - Mantis Fly
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