Gewiss Playbus - Ciclismo - 1996 - Maglietta/e

Gewiss Playbus - Ciclismo - 1996 - Maglietta/e
Condizioni molto buone

Biemme cycling jersey.
Gewiss Playbus cycling team season 1996.

Biemme jersey from the 90s,
not a modern replica.

Size 5, 52, XL.
Length 71 cm.
Width 54 cm.

Small repair on the seam of the sleeve, very small spot on the chest.
Otherwise in very good condition.

Gewiss was an Italian cycling team in the 1990s.
When it was founded in 1993, the team was sponsored by the company Mecair and by the Italian garage door manufacturer Ballan. The Italian electrical engineering company Gewiss replaced Mecair in 1994, after being the main sponsor of Gewiss-Bianchi from 1987 to 1989. In 1996, Ballan's place was taken by the Gewiss brand Playbus. Even though the sponsor changed the name of the team a number of times, the team remained largely the same over the years. Team leaders Emanuele Bombini and Paolo Rosola and cycling stars Evgeni Berzin, Nicola Minali and Pyotr Ugrumov remained loyal to the cycling team throughout the four years.

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Gewiss Playbus
Condizioni molto buone
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