Riccardo Mannelli - Original Illustration - 'Anonymous Sex' - Size: 37 x 29 cm.

Riccardo Mannelli - Original Illustration - 'Anonymous Sex' - Size: 37 x 29 cm.
Riccardo Mannelli - Eccellente - 1 Illustrazione originale - Signed

Part color stat; drawn piece 27 x 18; total 43 x 18

Great drawings on board by Riccardo Mannelli. Highly detailes characters, with some sketched persons.

Very rare art: Mannelli art of this size & quality does not show up anymore.

One of the most incisive and sharp Italian pencils, Mannelli since 1975 has been working with the most leading Italian satirical magazines, with comic magazines as Linus and Alter Linus, and with numerous newspapers and magazines.

He was the author of illustrated reportages first for La Repubblica then for Cuore. Between 1982 and 1983, he lived for three months in Nicaragua and brought to completion one of the first examples of what would have been then defined graphic journalism: a live reportage that portrays through drawings accompanied by captions, the plight of the country at the time of the guerrillas unleashed by the counterrevolutionaries. He went later in the former Yugoslavia,

"I start and draw. I do it from the battlefields, from cafes, from the inside of a compact car with which I have roamed in the 1980s to 20 thousand kilometers".

Alongside the activities of journalism artist and illustrator, Mannelli carried out a personal painting research, presented over the years in numerous exhibitions and festivals.

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Riccardo Mannelli
Original Illustration - 'Anonymous Sex' - Size: 37 x 29 cm.
Riccardo Mannelli
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