Pieter de Jode (1573-1634). After Sebasiaen Vranckx. - Romanum Habitus. "Roman fashion". 1st state.

Pieter de Jode (1573-1634). After Sebasiaen Vranckx. - Romanum Habitus. "Roman fashion". 1st state.
Incisione - Firmato su lastra - 1610

Part of the series "Variarum Gentium Ornatus" (10 plates), one of the first print series on different costumes of peoples of Europe. This engraving shows a couple from Rome standing before a Piazza with theatre being performed. The gentleman is playing on a lute.
This is an early 1st state, published by the artist. The plates were later republished by Cornelis Drebbel.

Pieter de Jode was the son of Gerard the Jode and became one of the most prosperous Antwerp printmakers and publishers in the city by the early 17th century.

Sebastiaen Vranckx was a painter of landscapes and military scenes, mainly active in Antwerp. Traveled to Italy around 1596-1601. This is probably where he became befriended with De Jode.

Condition: First state engraved and published by De Jode. Good early impression on laid paper with even and dark printing. Trimmed to the border, with Latin poem in the lower margin. Several stains, small creases and folds, tiny tear at lower text margin at bottom. Small tear at upper right. Partly laid down on old backing paper (easily removable).
Very comparable to British museum copy: 1866,0512.2990.

Reference: New Hollstein (De Jode Dynasty) 82.1.

Dettagli lotto
Pieter de Jode (1573-1634). After Sebasiaen Vranckx.
Titolo dell'opera
Romanum Habitus. "Roman fashion". 1st state.
1700 e periodo precedente
Firmato su lastra
Discrete condizioni
Dimensioni totali
220×146×0 mm
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