Albrecht Durer after, Joannes Mommart (born in 1649) - The last judgement

Albrecht Durer after, Joannes Mommart (born in 1649) - The last judgement
Xilografia - Non firmato - 1670-1700

The last judgement.
Christ as judge in heaven during the Last Judgment, with Mary and John the Baptist. Below left the blessed lead by angels went to heaven, to the right the damned lead by devils go into mouth of Hell.

After the woodcut of Albrecht Dürer made in 1510.
Woodcut made by Joannes Mommart in Brussels in the 17th century.
Considered as the very best woodcuts after the original.
For century's sold as a real Albrecht Dürer until Meder these woodcuts mentioned in his catalog.
There is not a lot known of Joannes Mommart, He is born in Brussels in the year 1649, where he worked.
He made other very good woodcuts. His little passion after Albrecht Dürer is the famous one by collectors.

References: after Meder 161, after Bartsch 52 only difference is the right upper corner, here is it right and in the one of Durer has a small nick to the left.

In perfect condition, Very good dark early impression with al the tiny details.
Printed on thin 17th century laid paper, woodcut complete.
With a watermark.
From the best quality you can have of a woodcut print.

Delivered in a museum passe-partout.

Dettagli lotto
Albrecht Durer after, Joannes Mommart (born in 1649)
Titolo dell'opera
The last judgement
1700 e periodo precedente
Non firmato
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
12.8×9.7×0 cm
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