Germania - Esercito/fanteria - Medaglia

Germania - Esercito/fanteria - Medaglia
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The Military Merit Medal was first established in silver by Duke Ludwig Eugene on 30 May 1794. In 1800, it was supplemented by a gold medal, which was awarded only to officers for exceptional merit. In 1806, the medals were redesigned by King Frederick I and the rules for the award were changed. Now it was possible to award non-commissioned officers with the gold military medal. These medals have been minted in different variants and have 5 different types of eyelets. The medals were awarded with the cypher - FR - from 1806 to 1818. Under the reign of King William I, the statutes were amended on 23 September 1818 and the medals were attached to the Military Merit Order. The medals now bore on the front the portrait of the king with inscription on the edge. These were awarded in 2 versions from 1818 to 1864.
Soon after King Charles came to power in 1864, the fronts were changed and re-embossed. This variant of the Military Merit Medal is the 3rd form. The medallist was Christian Schnitzspahn, who was still working in Berlin at the time.
The silver and gold Military Merit Medals were classified as Military Merit Order since 1818 and represented the 3rd and 4th class of the Military Merit. and the medal of silver with edge. Above a soldered ordinary eyelet with ribbon ring King Charles 1864, very rare medal.
In the middle the head portrait of King Charles looking to the right.
Under the neck section at the edge, small: - C.SCHNITZSPAHN F. -
Inscription at the edge: - KARL - KOENIG - VON - WUERTTEMBERG -.
In the middle the 3-line text: – FÜR – TAPFERKEIT – UND TREUE –
At the edge two laurel branches tied with a double bow.
Without a ribbon. In good condition.

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