Johannes Stradanus (1523-1605) - St Paul and the conversion of the Warder

Johannes Stradanus (1523-1605) - St Paul and the conversion of the Warder
Incisione - Firmato su lastra - 1582

Acts of the Apostles.
The Conversion of the Warder; to left, St Paul and Silas kneel in their prison cell; the prison warder descends the steps leading to the open doors of the cell, his sword drawn; behind him two other armed men follow, bearing torches; to far right, figures congregate on a flight of stairs. 1582

Engraving published by Philips Galle in 1582
design drawing by Jan van der Straet, (1523-1605)

New Hollstein (Dutch & Flemish): 219.II

The series Acts of the apostles was left unfinished after the death of Heemskerck in 1575. Philips Galle asked the famous Stradanus who worked mainly in Italy and Florence for the Medici court, to deliver the drawings for the additional scenes. The designs by Stradanus, with more elegant figures than Heemskerck were engraved in the workshop of Philips Galle, two of them signed by Hendrick Goltzius.

Condition: Excellent impression in the full sheet of laid paper with early watermark and good wide margins.
The last image is taken on the lightbox to show the watermark in the laid paper.

Plate border: : 200 x 265 mm
Sheet: 370 x 290 cm

Philips Galle (1537-1612)
Born in Haarlem. Leading engraver and print dealer in Antwerpafter Cock died in 1570. He was also executor of Cock's estate after his widow, Volckxen Diercx, died.

Dettagli lotto
Johannes Stradanus (1523-1605)
Titolo dell'opera
St Paul and the conversion of the Warder
1700 e periodo precedente
Firmato su lastra
In ottime condizioni
Dimensioni totali
370×290×1 mm
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