XL MARS NWA 13257 Shergottite Fetta - 2.3 g

XL MARS NWA 13257 Shergottite Fetta - 2.3 g

Opportunity to have a piece of planet Mars in your hands.
Sliced and polished, with the original Meteorite crust.

Normally the Mars slices are usually a few grams, so this slice that we offer, of large size, is an opportunity to expand a good collection of meteorites

Due to the enormous impact of a meteorite on the surface of Mars, material from the planet was ejected into outer space, this material travelled through space until, due to the force of gravity of our planet, or because in our trajectory we encountered these fragments, and eventually fell on our planet.

Except for the missions Apollo and the nearly 380 kg of lunar samples they brought back to Earth, it's the only way we have so we can touch a piece of another planet.

Delivered with the display box with stand.

At Expometeoritos, we take care of the dissemination, talks, workshops, analysis, classification and exhibitions of Meteorites.

We are members of:

.- IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) #8187
.- Meteoritical Society
.- American Meteor Society

All our pieces are certified and we also deliver the analysis of the chemical composition if the value of the piece exceeds €300, carried out in our facilities by X-ray Spectrography.

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
XL MARS NWA 13257 Shergottite
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
NWA 13257 Mars Meteorite, (Shergotite)
2.3 g
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