Jepara Meteorite. Pallasite traslucido - 209 g

Jepara Meteorite. Pallasite traslucido - 209 g
2008, Jepara, Indonesia

Pallasites are considered by many to be the most beautiful type of meteorite. They are thought to originate at the core-mantle boundary of differentiated asteroids, where the metallic core meets the lighter rocks. They were then shattered to space through another meteorite impact until they fell on Earth. Due to their inner beauty, some of them are used in jewelry or as aesthetic decoration when they are cut in 2 halves or sliced.

Jepara was discovered in May 2008 during excavation activities in Indonesia. A new factory had been under construction and they dug out the Jepara meteorite from the ground.

This slice is translucent, with gem-quality olivines. Jepara does not rust because the iron has already been converted into magnetite so it is excellent for people who worry about meteorites' rust.

Dimensions: 14x11.5 cm

A certificate of authenticity included.

About the seller:

My name is Adrian Vilchez Luna. I'm co-founder of ExoEstrato: Andalusian Society of Astrogeology. We are dedicated to the dissemination, scientific education and research in Planetary Sciences and Astrogeology. We belong to the Faculty of Science of the University of Granada, Spain. I am geologist specializing in Planetary Geology.

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Jepara Meteorite.
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Pallasite traslucido
209 g
Provenienza (regione/città)
2008, Jepara
Provenienza (paese)
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