Ciclismo - Lance Armstrong - Maglietta/e

Ciclismo - Lance Armstrong - Maglietta/e
Nuovo/come nuovo - Con certificato di autenticità, Con firma autografa, In cornice

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This lot is retro fan jersey hand signed by Legend Lance Armstrong. The shirt is framed incl. 2 photo's and a nameplate. Frame is 73x53x3,5 cm. Photo's look fade but this is due to the fact that there is still protective foil on front of the frame which you can remove. This foil gives the photo's a distorted view and will disapear immidiately ones it has been removed from the frame. In real this is a fantastic item. Winning bidder wil receive also an official Collectables Unlimited Certificate of Authenticity (COA) hologram numbered.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di oggetti
Sport / Evento
Nome dell’atleta
Lance Armstrong
Nuovo/come nuovo
Con certificato di autenticità, Con firma autografa, In cornice
73×53×3 cm
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