Meteorite ALETAI - Ferro IIIE-an - 84×68×4 mm - 132.3 g

Meteorite ALETAI - Ferro IIIE-an - 84×68×4 mm - 132.3 g
Xinjiang, Cina

"ALETAI" meteorite slice..... with fusion crust

Weight: 32.3 g

Size: 84 x 68 x 4 mm

Aletai is an anomalous IIIE. It has the highest Gold concentration in the group, and its Iridium concentration is much higher than that inferred through the trend of the other group members.

This structure is one of a medium octahedrite iron meteorite with schrebersite inclusions).

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Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Meteorite ALETAI - Ferro IIIE-an
84×68×4 mm
132.3 g
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