Statuetta autentica di uno sciamano Komian - Legno - Agni - Costa d'Avorio

Statuetta autentica di uno sciamano Komian - Legno - Agni - Costa d'Avorio
Seconda metà XX secolo - Buone condizioni

The Agni are renowned for their love of gold and for their fetishes.

The Komian have the power to prevent misfortune, and if need be, of healing. This power is practised through divinatory and therapeutic art, enabling the Komian to indicate remedies to take, sacrifices or rites to perform in order to regain the loss of life force.

This statuette was used by a Komian for rites.
We can observe remains of kaolin and diverse sacrificial substances.
But above all, indication of its use is visible on the feet, deliberately broken by the female shaman.

These kinds of details prove its great antiquity, these pieces no longer exist in Africa, but only in ancient private collections, like for this one, collected in the 1950s.
The statuette must approximately date back to 1920-1930.

Moreover, the most recent Agni figurines have feet.

The sculpture is of great refinement.

Shipment via express parcel with track & trace (Colissimo).

Dettagli lotto
Statuetta autentica di uno sciamano Komian
Regione / Paese
Costa d'Avorio
Seconda metà XX secolo
Buone condizioni
Con supporto incluso
26×6×5 cm
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