Statuetta/e - Legno - Bakongo - Repubblica Democratica del Congo

Statuetta/e - Legno - Bakongo - Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Seconda metà XX secolo

Kongo Sundi. This is a large Nkissi fetish for this people from the east of the D.R Congo.

Height: 46 cm.

The description is taken from the sales catalogue of the 13th of January, Poitiers, lot 241, estimated between 300€ and 500 € (excluding the fees which are a little more than 20%).

Standing on a circular base, it probably held a spear in its right hand before it got damaged. Widely covered with wooden pegs, between which pieces of fabric and plant fibres intertwine, magical loads placed in little boxes were added, and a more imposing one is placed on the stomach, behind a glass plate. In this case the wooden pegs have the same function as the nails on the well-known fetishes of this people. Wood with ancient traces of xylophagous insects, apotropaic elements.

Dettagli lotto
Regione / Paese
Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Seconda metà XX secolo
Con supporto incluso
46×20×15 cm
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