Scultura (1) - Lacca, Oro - Burma - Shan

Scultura (1) - Lacca, Oro - Burma - Shan
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Large and beautiful Buddha head in dry red and black lash of the state of Shan 19th century, Burma.

In Theravada Buddhism as in Hinduism, religious sculpture is subject to strict and conservative iconographic rules.
Although Burmese Buddhas are visible, stylized and modelled by craftsmen among the many ethnic minorities living in Burma, they have managed to produce various religious sculptures that radiate their cultural origin within the confines of these rules.

The expression of this sculpture has a face with a very soft smile, even somewhat mechanical.
The contemplative gaze is typical of Shan sculpture.

The prominent nose, arched eyebrows, sulky mouth, elongated earlobes and oval face are some of the 32 important characteristic marks of a Buddha. The childlike appearance of the latter symbolises purity and innocence.

Some spots of gilding are still visible.
With a few lacks, breaks and cracks, etc
Height, without stand: 44 x 22 x 23 cm
Height with: 66 cm

Private collection.
Shipped from Belgium.

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Lacca, Oro
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66×22×23 cm
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