Bambola della fertilità - Legno - Biga - Mossi - Burkina Faso

Bambola della fertilità - Legno - Biga - Mossi - Burkina Faso
Seconda metà XX secolo

Height = 34.5 cm; width = 5.5 cm; depth = 10 cm.
Doll covered with leather, from the bottom to the neck.
Although these pieces are named “child” (Biiga) and are treated as such by young girls, these statuettes depict a woman on a small scale: a young girl because of the hair and the abdominal scarifications, but also the spouse because of the deformation of the breasts, more specifically, the mother. Therefore, these figurines are both the representation of a child and the image of the woman to become, or even of the future offspring. Although the Biiga portray women, children can give these the name of a boy or a girl, they dress, wash, feed and carry these statuettes on the back, make these jump on their stretched out legs... like a true baby. Sometimes offered by one of the parents, the young bride brings the Biiga to her husband’s house, since it is considered to be a stimulant for pregnancy. If the pregnancy does not occur, the infertile spouse will acquire another one, as fertilising support. Adapted from Biga, poupées de fertilité mossi, Flak Gallery –Paris.
Shipment via express parcel with track & trace (Colissimo Expert).

Dettagli lotto
Bambola della fertilità
Nome dell’articolo autoctono
Regione / Paese
Burkina Faso
Seconda metà XX secolo
Con supporto incluso
34.5×5.5×10 cm
332 g
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