Staffe Samurai - Abumi (2) - ferro battuto - Giappone - XVIII secolo

Staffe Samurai - Abumi (2) - ferro battuto - Giappone - XVIII secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 29×26×14 cm

Marvellous 18th century Japanese stirrups, Abumi, made in wrought iron, ornate inlays of silver and gold, three-leaf family crest on front, delicate cloud motif. A true wonder of craftsmanship.
This pair was made during the Edo Period, more likely in 1780’s, for a nobleman. The pair presents age approriate patina and wear, with slight age crack in one of the lacquered wood inlays and also some losses to the silver and gold inlays.
Abumi were a necessary component along with the kura (saddle).
Open sides designed to prevent rider from catching a foot in the stirrup and being dragged.
The abumi had a distinctive swan-like shape, curved up and backward at the front so as to bring the loop for the leather strap over the instep.
Photos are part of the description. U130
Dimensions: 29cm x 26cm x 14cm / Weight: 5,6Kg

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Staffe Samurai - Abumi
ferro battuto
XVIII secolo
Regione/ Paese d'origine
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
29×26×14 cm
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