Johan Miedema (1870 - 1952) - Herfstgoud Sterrebosch

Johan Miedema (1870 - 1952) - Herfstgoud Sterrebosch
Olio su tela - Firmato a mano - -

Johan Miedema (1870 - 1952) - Herfstgoud Sterrebosch.
Oil on canvas - Hand signed - XX.
Canvas dimensions: 60 x 50 cm.
With the frame: 83 x 73 cm.

John Miedema, born in Rotterdam on the 21st of April 1870, died in Doorn on the 29th of June 1952, he married in Rotterdam on the 3rd of December 1902 to Johanna Alberdina Heouffelaar from Alkmaar.
As a painter, he stepped into the footsteps of his father, Rein Maddox (1835-1912), but had a completely different style.
He experimented repeatedly with less perishable material than linen for his paintings. After experimenting with asbestos boards, he finally started making a special type of cement in the desired sizes and shapes, these plates are a few millimetres thick. The front is sanded down with a composite paste so that the paint can be applied extremely thinly and transparently. When the second world war broke out, he dug a big hole in the garden of his house in Doorn and hid his entire oeuvre there in heavy chests, so that it could not be destroyed by war violence or by the Germans.

Dettagli lotto
Johan Miedema (1870 - 1952)
Titolo dell'opera
Herfstgoud Sterrebosch
Olio su tela
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
71×91×5 cm
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