Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - EP-10''pollici - 1958

Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - EP-10''pollici - 1958
Numero di oggetti: 1 - Various conditions - Prima stampa - Inclusi: Busta interna originale

Rare 1958 French first press of the iconic soundtrack of the French movie 'Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud', recorded in Paris and performed by Miles Davis.

Please note that this record is over 62 years old. The format of the record is 10 inches (not 12 inches as most modern LPs are), but it plays at 33 RPM.

Matrix/runout side 1: 660213 1 R 380
Matrix/runout side 2: 660213 2 R 380

Visually, under moderate light, the record is still shiny on both sides. Under intense light, multiple hairlines are visible, and some thicker lines too. The two labels are very clean.

Phonically, the music still plays loud and clear, with great definition, but there is some crackling throughout the record on both sides, audible in some parts louder than in others, mostly at the start of side 1, during the most silent parts and between tracks. It tends to attenuate in the second part of side 1 and on side 2. Because it is a 10-inch LP with large runout areas, the grooves are very tight and even the most superficial marks tend to sound. May benefit from a professional cleaning in case some dust particles are deeply inlayed in the grooves. No repetitive clicks or pops. No skips at all.

The sleeve is quite worn, with creases on the front cover, as visible on the pictures, but still in one piece. Ringwear and light discoloration is visible on the back cover. Small tear on the opening side which has been nicely restored. Spine is still readable.

Dettagli lotto
Più di 3 artisti/band
Artista/band (massimo 3)
Miles Davis
Titoli molteplici
Titolo del disco
Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
Numero di articoli
Sorgente Multimediale
Paese del produttore
Anno di distribuzione (più vecchio)
Various conditions
Prima stampa
Busta interna originale
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660.213 MR
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