Yoroi (1) - Cotone, Pelle, Ferro - Giappone - Periodo Edo (1600-1868)

Yoroi (1) - Cotone, Pelle, Ferro - Giappone - Periodo Edo (1600-1868)
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 130×50×50 cm

Authentic yoroi from the mid-Edo period (1800–1830) of museum quality, from an important private collection.

The chest armor (“do”), the thigh pads (“kusazari”) and the shoulder guard (“sode”) consist of stitched black lacquered leather plates (“nerigawa”) which are held together with macramé cords (“odoshi”).

The “kote” (the armored glove with sleeves that reach up to the shoulder) and which mainly covered the forearms is made of cloth covered iron chainmail (rare!).

The "kabuto" (helmet) consists of riveted iron / leather plates and has a "shikoro" (neck protector) at the bottom, made of several layers of curved leather strips.

The leather facial armour ("mengu" or "menpo") was designed in such a way that it could be connected to the kabuto using metal pins. The throat protector ("yodare kake") is connected at the bottom and is made of leather plates.

The "haidate" (thigh protectors bound around the waist) and "suneate" (shin protectors) are made of cloth that is covered with leather plates. These are connected by means of chain armour (kusari) and sewn to the fabric.

The Japanese suits of armour were designed to be as light as possible, because the samurai had many other tasks apart from sword fighting, such as horse riding and archery. The armour was usually intensely varnished as protection against the harsh climate.

The yoroi comes with the original case.

Total weight = 18 kg

Dettagli lotto
Numero totale di oggetti
Cotone, Ferro, Pelle
Periodo Edo (1600-1868)
Regione/ Paese d'origine
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
130×50×50 cm
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