Canyon Diablo Meteorite Ferroso - 44×18×11 mm - 16.6 g

Canyon Diablo Meteorite Ferroso - 44×18×11 mm - 16.6 g
Meteor Crater, Stati Uniti

Nice meteorite from the well preserved Barringer Crater in Arizona / USA

In 1891 the meteoritic origin of the 1180 m wide Meteor Crater and the iron masses around have been scientifically accepted.
Mr. Barringer, owner of the land, tried to locate the meteorite mass which has formed the crater, under the crater floor , for decades. Today we know that the meteorite mostly vaporised by the explosion forming the crater. Iron containing condensed droplets ,so call spherules, have been found around the crater and are confirming the fact that most of the meteorite vaporised. Never the less , 30 metric tons of iron meteorites have been found in the crater surrounding area.

Meteorite Collector Association Member #3503.

Dettagli lotto
Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Canyon Diablo
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Meteorite Ferroso
44×18×11 mm
16.6 g
Provenienza (regione/città)
Meteor Crater
Provenienza (paese)
Stati Uniti
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