Scultura, 2 statuette di spiriti guardiani - Terracotta - Cina - Dinastia Tang (618-907)

Scultura, 2 statuette di spiriti guardiani - Terracotta - Cina - Dinastia Tang (618-907)
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 325×130×130 mm

***** For sale with thermoluminescence certificate and expertise certificate made by Brussels Art Laboratory *****

Two Magnificent and rare earthenware statues, exceptionally finely carved polychrome.
Part of original polychromy and gilding.

* One displays human facial features, and sits like an alert dog on four feet.
Height: 325 mm
Width: 130 mm

* The second has animal facial features, and sits like an alert dog on four feet.
Height: 287 mm
Width: 120 mm

These guardians were created as hybrid creatures made up of various animal and sometimes human elements and placed in graves to ward off evil beings who threatened to disturb the deceased. This unique figure of the Spirit of the Earth was modelled with terracotta.

Figures like this example capture the ancient Chinese interest in the spirit world in which these fantastic creatures were believed to reside. It was believed that such mythological beings were both protective and somewhat auspicious. As objects, they were seen as guardian characters; therefore, it is possible that the piece was once placed in a garden or at the entrance to a home and later placed in the grave of an elite individual with important items to accompany the deceased in the beyond. It is also possible that it was created strictly for burial with the deceased.

A truly beautiful art piece, very well preserved through time.

It will be shipped via registered mail and very well packaged.

The lot was purchased during an auction (DVC Antwerpen) in Belgium in 2020.
Former owner: Documentation at DVC Antwerpen.
The seller also guarantees that the lot was acquired legally and that due diligence checks have been carried out to guarantee the indicated provenance.
The piece may be subject to import taxes / duties outside the EU.

The seller of this lot hereby guarantees that this object was obtained legally. The seller guarantees that he is entitled to ship this object(s). The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged. The seller will inform the buyer about this if this takes more than a few days.

Catawiki disclaimer: This piece has been dated based on a TL test. No further tests, such as, an analysis of pigments or radiography scans have been conducted to check the integrity of the piece.

Dettagli lotto
2 statuette di spiriti guardiani, Scultura
Dinastia Tang (618-907)
Regione/paese d'origine
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
325×130×130 mm
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