Chelyabinsk Individui nano - 20 g

Chelyabinsk Individui nano - 20 g

On 15. February 2013, a meteorite of about 20 m in size approached Earth with a speed of approx. 18 km/sec, and it was slowed down considerably by the Earth’s atmosphere. The energy that was released caused a huge explosion and the blast wave damaged 3,700 buildings. The meteorite was torn apart by this and came down as a meteor shower of many thousand pieces, some weighing only a few grams, but some pieces with a weight of several kilograms were also recovered. Due to its severity and the fact that it was perfectly documented on video, the meteorite impact of Chelyabink will certainly be found in every future publication on meteorites. This was also the first instance where the audio of a supebolide impact was recorded. Chelyabink shows very different textures, the asteroid was not homogeneous. In addition to light, unshocked rocks, some pieces show delicate grids of shock veins, while others only consist of dark smelted matter and smelted structures that were formed during previous asteroid collisions.

20 g nano individuals
50-75 pieces / grams
The glass is 4.5 cm tall, diameter 2.2 cm

International meteorite collector association member number #3503

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Minerale principale/ Nome meteorite
Forma minerale/Tipi di meteorite
Individui nano
20 g
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